Mike and Sheri

Ocean Park Pottery is a collaboration between husband and wife artists Mike Russo and Sheri Sinclair. Our work is animated by our love of landscape, botany, and biology. Our forms and colors evoke the sea, beach, sand, surf, sun, offshore breezes, mountains, tide pools, sea creatures, and the microscopic world.

We were recently commissioned by Tom Ford to collaborate with him on a collection of Bonsai vessels. The resulting surface, a rich bronze color with subtle texture, appears on several of our tabletop pieces. This surface is paired with complex glazes which become luminous under changing light conditions.

The jellyfish are created by Mike, with thrown and altered components. They are then fashioned into indoor and outdoor lights, fountains, and garden sculpture. Water and light combine with the jellies to add dimensions of sound, motion, and shimmering patterns.

Sheri creates sculptures from a parallel world. Each sculpture has a personality, and each invites, or challenges, the viewer to engage with them.

Tabletop pieces are created together, with thrown elements by Mike, altered and sculptural elements by Sheri, and glazing done together. Many hours of experimentation, and the alchemy of the firing process, lead to unique pieces.

We are also committed to offering artistic experience to young people in urban environments. In 2006 we donated a studio to Heart Of Los Angeles Youth (HOLA), where Mike continues to teach ceramics.